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However, whilst I think I can understand why you thought it was good to blindside me at speed (and you're a way bigger guy than I am), I just wanted to point out that it wasn't ok!

I understand you were upset/shocked/angry/insert other words here because you had heard your brother had an accident playing football and had stopped breathing, but making assumptions about some guy that you don't know with (or without) a camera in his hand and then deciding to injure him thats never acceptable.  

There have been stories of people in similar situations who didn't control their emotions and ended up killing someone by hitting them or simply pushing them over etc etc.  I was lucky that I didn't hit my head more than I did, I could have also ended up in hospital or worse.  Sure I am battered and bruised but I feel lucky.  Again I think I can see your point of view, but violence won't help.

What you wouldn't have know is that I was there last night taking photos of a netball match, which got canceled as two of the players had gone over to help your brother and heroically were performing CPR till the emergency services took over.

Also, rather than asking what I was doing, and, if I had have been taking photos of your brother (which I wasn't) then politely asking me to stop, or just ignoring me or just going over to focus on your brother would have been a good call. 

You won't of course know that I volunteer for the Air Ambulance, and much of my photography/video work is for charities, in order to help promote them so they can help others.  What you won't have known is that I was actually taking photos of the Aircraft.  That lifesaving piece of equipment that flew in a Trauma doctor and paramedic.  I have fundraised and done many photos for the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance and now after moving to Bedford I am hoping to do a lot more for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  

Anyway.. By some miracle you read this, I just want you to know that:

  1. I pray that your brother is ok.
  2. I have forgiven you for what you did to me.. (My ribs may not for a while though)
  3. Please don't judge a book by its cover.

And anyone else reading this, photography can be dangerous! 

[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) Air Ambulance Assault Photography https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/5/to-the-guy-that-assaulted-me-last-night Tue, 24 May 2016 08:31:30 GMT
ST Georges Classic Car Tour 2016 https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/4/st-georges-classic-car-tour-2016 So this weekend I was back taking photos for the ST Georges Classic Car tour 2016.

They raise money for the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance and this year also for Lucy's Day Out.

The weather was miserable on the way down to this years start but then quickly cleared to give bright sunshine although still on the chilly side!

It's often challenging trying to photograph each car when they are on the move, often cars get bunched up so isolating each car is hard.  At the same time finding a good spot with the right light and nice backdrop is always a challenge especially when the routes change each year!

The weather held though right until I headed back up the M1 and the heavens opened.  Saying that capturing the cars in the rain sometimes leads so some great photos.  

Check out the photos from the event here: 


ST Georges Classic Car Tour 2016-9514ST Georges Classic Car Tour 2016-9514

[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) Aston Martin Cars Classic Cars McLaren St Georges Day https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/4/st-georges-classic-car-tour-2016 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 12:12:46 GMT
HIOWAA 2016 Launch event https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/3/hiowaa-2016-launch-event So I was asked if I could head down to Hampshire to photography the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulances 2016 launch as they have a new Aircraft which is night flight capable.  They have actually been flying it for a few months but this was the official launch.

I'd previously been a volunteer for the charity before I moved out of the county, but I am always happy to do photos at events like this and its great to catch up with old friends.

Anyway here are the photos from the evening.. 

[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) EC135 Eurocopter H135 HIOWAA Helicopters T3 https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/3/hiowaa-2016-launch-event Fri, 18 Mar 2016 09:13:51 GMT
Ghana 2016 https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/3/ghana-2016 So I made it back from Ghana.

Pretty tough trip this time, long hours and lots of challenging situations.

I took lots of video and hundreds of photos, well thousands actually.  They are now sorted and online if your interested.

Check them out at excipiomedia.co/ghana2016

[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) Ghana Wheels for the World wheel chairs https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/3/ghana-2016 Wed, 02 Mar 2016 10:33:48 GMT
Not your normal holiday snaps https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/2/not-your-normal-holiday-snaps Perhaps not your normal holiday snaps from a weekend away I'll admit.. but I captured a range of photos from this weekends trip to Ghent in Belgium.

There is an interesting Graffiti scene and in some place its classed legal to be able to paint on the walls.  Periodically they get wiped and the art starts again.
I say art as some of it is just that... when you get past some seemingly amateur work the skill in some of the painting is fantastic.

Thrown in for good measure are some of the other more touristy places !

Hope you enjoy.



[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) Art Belgium Ghent Graffiti Painting https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/2/not-your-normal-holiday-snaps Tue, 02 Feb 2016 20:02:49 GMT
Houzz - Featured Kitchen https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/1/houzz---featured-kitchen
Was great to have one of the kitchen I have photographed in a Houzz article this week ! 
Kitchen of the Week: A Basement Kitchen-diner is Infused With Light
[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) Houzz Kitchen Photos excipiomedia.co https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/1/houzz---featured-kitchen Fri, 29 Jan 2016 10:16:37 GMT
First blog.. https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/1/first-blog With the social media world the way it is, those with something to say tend to just say it.  
Sometimes it's said in anger, sometimes in sympathy.  Sometimes its said with a filter and sometimes without.

So with that said.. I thought I better get in on the act and start a blog.


I'll likely post some ramblings about photo gear, projects I am working or worked on, technology but I may veer into dangerous territory like politics... so forgive me if you don't agree with any of my views.  They are just my views at a given point in time, they may be right they may not be, I am just human. 

Anyway.. this is my first blog post so I won't start changing the world just yet !

I thought I'd share a photo from the other night after a trip into London.  A nice walk on the South Bank and we saw the moon rising alongside the cheese grater .  At the same time someone was playing with fire, well some pyrotechnics.  The end result was a series of photos.

Taken on my Fuji XT1 on a 10-24mm lens.

I hope you enjoy and over the next few weeks and months I'll start to post as frequently as I can.


[email protected] (eXcipioMedia - Phil Cutland Green) New blog first landscapes post https://www.excipiomedia.co/blog/2016/1/first-blog Sun, 24 Jan 2016 20:18:26 GMT